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The KoverRoos® Difference

While most covers claim to be breathable, do not be fooled. Most outdoor furniture covers are either vinyl or vinyl coated polyester. Polyester is a popular fabric because it is, indeed, breathable and durable, HOWEVER, it is not water resistant. Therefore, these covers must be vinyl coated to perform as a proper cover. Vinyl and vinyl coating are NOT breathable. The 'breathable' claim comes from either vents built into the covers or the air that circulates underneath. The trouble is, these vents allow dirt and dust in - just what you want your cover to keep away!

The difference with all KoverRoos outdoor furniture covers is that the fabrics are manufactured to be breathable - they are unique, technologically advanced fabrics that are inherently water resistant AND truly breathable. Vinyl is inexpensive - but it's a short-term fix. KoverRoos last longer because they do not become brittle and crack like vinyl and are proven to be more durable. Unlike KoverRoos, Vinyl is also known to harm our environment. Here are a few links that further discuss these issues:

Below is a summary of the advantages of KoverRoos covers vs. the Vinyl Competition:

KoverRoos® Vinyl/Vinyl-Coated Polyester
Furniture Care
Use innovative materials that breathe and protect, prolonging the life of the furniture Can SHORTEN the furniture's life - the plastic in vinyl breaks down and attacks furniture metals and finishes
Prevention of Mold and Mildew
Breathable fabric eliminates any condensation from accumulating underneath the cover Retains moisture under the cover. Ventilators, designed to mitigate the build-up, allow water and dust to accumulate on the furniture
Withstand any naturally occurring temperature (-100F-247F) Melts at high temperatures and cracks in the cold. Poor UV-stability weakens the material
Protection from the Sun
99.8% UV protection - reflects heat Degrades in the sun - absorbs heat
Ease of Use
Light weight, folds up easily into own storage pouch Medium to heavy in weight, these covers are often cumbersome to handle and store
Water Run-off
Patented design fits snugly to allow water runoff Due to material's stiffness, water pools on tables and chairs, promoting build-up of mold and mildew
Good Fit
"It's a Cinch" strap system ensures a tight fit to your furniture Many covers have no straps and hang loosely
Environmental Effects
Made from an HDPE, an environmentally friendly material, KoverRoos can be recycled after their useful life. Recycled HDPE is commonly used to make plastic pipe, lumber, and trash cans EPA data shows that PVC production produces dioxin - a group of chemicals that have been found to be highly toxic and carcinogenic