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Storage and Maintenance

Easy to Use and Install

KoverRoos® are extremely lightweight, making them easy to put on, remove, and store. Our umbrella cover weighs a mere 10 ounces and is a breeze to put on. Like all of our covers, it easily folds up for storage. No rods to screw in or lose and no jam-prone telescoping poles. A chaise cover can be removed and stored in 60 seconds.

Each KoverRoos® cover will come with an Installation guide. If you have any questions regarding the installation of your cover, please contact

Patio Furniture Cover Installation

Convenient Storage Pouch

Patio Furniture Covers Storage Pouch

Every product - including our umbrella cover - has a storage pouch to store KoverRoos® right near the furniture. KoverRoos® are the only covers with this feature. Some of our chair cover pouches can even be conveniently attached directly to your furniture or used as a pillow.


To clean your KoverRoos® cover, just wipe and rinse. You can use a mild solution of warm soap and water. You can also safely wash KoverRoos® in a front-loading washer. Wash in cold water, do not use detergent, and hang to dry. Do not place your KoverRoos® in a dryer, as high heat can destroy the fabric. Always store your cover dry.

Patio Furniture Cover Cleaning