Our Koverroos® covers are the eco-conscious alternative. KoverRoos' expertise of outdoor furniture covers and dedication to sustainability spans over 25 years. Our unique products are created to protect your furniture from the environment and its elements, so you can enjoy your outdoor space to the max for years to come.  Although our fabrics have evolved with technology, sustainability has remained a core value. As nature lovers ourselves, we recognize the importance of minimizing our environmental impact, so the outdoors can remain enjoyable wherever your furniture can be found.

KoverRoos’ is dedicated to the triple bottom line: social, environmental and financial. We constantly strive to improve our processes, our supply chain, and our operations to achieve our sustainability goals. We remain committed to quality without taxing the environment. Our sustainability initiatives are rooted in and focuses on a few select UN Sustainable Development Goals. 


At KoverRoos, we have chosen to develop and target the following goals:

Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


Goal 8: Decent work and Economic growth

As part of our social impact efforts, we first invest in our employees, and then the community at large. We commit to inspiring change and impact from within. 

To support our employees we:

  • Invest in the personal development of our teams. The role of continuing education and career development plays a big part in the growth of our employees. 

  • Support local economies and keep our manufacturing within the USA.
  • Believe in a work/life balance. We trust our employees and give them the freedom to work remotely if their job function allows it. This reduces CO2 levels and promotes a work life balance. Less time spent on the road means more time spent with families and enjoying their lives outside of work! It’s a win-win situation, really.


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Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production  Goal 17: Partnership for the goals

We live by the concept of reduce first, reuse constantly, and when the product is no longer functional, then recycle. We routinely examine the entire life cycle of our products, from design to production to end of life disposal.

 To further our environmental sustainability, we:

  • Use fabric produced from technologies that maintains ISO 9001:2000, TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certifications. The fabric testing laboratories are ISO 1725 approved, ASTM (North America), DIN (Europe), JIS (Asia), and NFPA certified

  • Constantly reevaluate, adapt, and evolve our supply chain to reflect the technological advances of textiles and non-woven fabric.

  • Carefully select our fabrics for high quality performance and sustainability. Koverroos® fabrics are made from 100% recyclable materials (LDPE and HDPE) in your curbside recycling bin.

  • Design and manufacture our covers so they are built to last. We warranty our covers for 7-10 years. Rather than the built in obsolescence of many consumer products, we stand behind reducing waste by making a product that does not need to be replaced constantly.  

  • Source and use recycled palettes.

  • Aim to support suppliers with innovative products who have a strong dedication to the preservation of the environment in every facet of our purchases and our business.

  • Value transparency and are dedicated to achieving it.

  • Are in the process of identifying our carbon footprint and completing a life cycle assessment. 

To invest in the social sustainability of our community we:

  • Offer an annual sustainability scholarship to a student looking to further their education in the field of sustainability. 

  • Have a strict supplier policy and hold them to the same standards we hold ourselves to.

  • Constantly seek out and partner with suppliers who have strong social impact missions. 

  • Support local mission driven programs like the food pantry and the local high school STEM program. If you would like to partner with us, contact us here!

    • We donate the cardboard from our warehouse to a local food pantry, where it is sold to a recycling company, thus generating proceeds to help fill their shelves & feed the hungry. 

    • We donate our cardboard tubes from material rolls to the local high school STEM program so they can build innovative canoes, rafts and boats in a regional competition.