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Our Fabrics

The difference with all KoverRoos® outdoor furniture covers is that all 4 fabrics are manufactured to be breathable - they are unique, technologically advanced fabrics that are inherently water resistant AND truly breathable. Learn more by selecting a fabric.

Note: While we make all efforts to reproduce accurate colors on our website, the settings on your computer may not accurately represent the actual products & colors

Dupont Tyvek patio furniture covers

Tyvek Patio Furniture Cover Fabric

Appropriate for most weather conditions, Tyvek is a revolutionary, patented fabric ideal for covering outdoor furniture.

It is extremely lightweight, and therefore easy to handle, yet surprisingly strong. It is available to protect your fine outdoor furniture exclusively at KoverRoos. Tyvek covers are available in White.

Koverroos® III

Koverroos® III Patio Furniture Cover Fabric

Maintaining all of the great features of Dupont Tyvek, Koverroos® III offers better durability, good for slightly harsher or windier climates. Slightly thicker, but still lightweight and easy to put on and remove, these covers have a soft inner layer that is gentle on your furniture's finish. Available in an attractive taupe color.


SupraRoos Patio Furniture Cover Fabric

SupraRoos™ is designed to perform under the toughest of conditions. SupraRoos uses Dupont two-layer technology that is twice as strong as regular Tyvek and provides superior protection against high wind and inclement weather. The outer layer provides great UV-resistantance while the inner layer adds strength and resistance to sharp edges and corners making the fabric extra tough. If you need to protect your outdoor furniture for long periods of rain, strong winds, or snow, SupraRoos will best meet your needs. Available in white.

weathermax patio furniture covers

Weathermax Patio Furniture Cover Fabric

For the truly discerning customer, WeatherMax™ offers the perfect blend of function and form. This patented fabric was developed out of the need for a fabric that would retain its color and strength in severe outdoor exposure yet still provide a beautiful, rich appearance. It is extremely breathable and durable and comes in a range of alluring colors for those who do not compromise on style. WeatherMax is now available to cover your outdoor furniture exclusively at KoverRoos.

Light Charcoal
Forest Green
Pacific Blue

Weathermax™ to the Test

We knew the WeatherMax™ fabric was a step above our competitors, but wanted to know by how much. We hired an independent testing facility that conducted field tests to see just how long WeatherMax™ could outlast the others in both color retention and grab strength over the duration of 1500+ hours.

Not only did our results prove that WeatherMax™ is synonymous with quality, our covers retained their original color and form to always blend seamlessly with your décor!

Here are the results that followed:

Color Retention

Fabric UV Duration Results
Weathermax™ 1500 hrs Weathermax Patio Furniture Cover Fabric
Competitor #1 1500 hrs Competitor 1 Patio Furniture Cover Fabric
Competitor #2 1500 hrs Competitor 2 Patio Furniture Cover Fabric

Strength Resistance

Max Load: 164 lbs
Max Strain: 17%

Fabric Pull Duration Evaluation
Weathermax™ 1500 hrs Intact
Competitor #1 750 hrs Ripped
Competitor #2 600 hrs Partial Rip


For those who know and prefer the Sunbrella name, all of our styles can be special ordered with this fabric. These covers are best for warm, dry climates with a lot of sunlight. We offer Sunbrella covers in eleven fashion colors: forest green, mediterranean blue, pacific blue, navy, red, burgundy, linen, beige and black If you wish to place an order for a Sunbrella cover, please call our customer service line at (800) 706-5225 for a quote. Sunbrella covers start at $59.