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Features and Technology

Why entrust KoverRoos® with the protection of your high quality outdoor furniture?
In material, design, and construction, KoverRoos® outdoor furniture covers outperforms all other covers on the market.


Breathing is Important

Outdoor furniture covers need to breathe so that moisture can escape, keeping mold and mildew from developing under the cover. KoverRoos use technologically advanced materials that are one-way breathable - moisture leaves, but dust and dirt can't get in. Water resistant and breathable, these covers are truly unique and the best that you'll find to protect fine outdoor furniture.


Light Weight is Our Strength

Made with state-of-the-art fabrics, KoverRoos covers are stronger than most vinyl covers, yet light weight. This means our covers are easy to use - no struggling to get them on and off.

  • Able to handle temperatures from -100 degrees Fahrenheit up to +240 degrees
  • Different weights of fabric available for all climate types


KoverRoos Keep Everyone Clean and Dry

Our patented 'drain through' system for table and chair sets eliminates puddling on tabletops and chairs. And our fastening system ensures a snug fit and eliminates sagging and water puddles. No water buildup to get on someone removing the covers - they go quickly and easily into their signature storage pouches. Click here for more information on storage and maintenance of your KoverRoos cover.

  • Varying degrees, but all lightweight and easy to put on / remove and to store quickly and compactly in our KoverRoos® pouches.
  • Designed to attach simply to furniture for a perfect fit.
  • Patented design of water resistant construction (there currently) can be a part of ease of use.


The Alternative to Vinyl

The trouble with vinyl covers is that they don't breathe. Though they may make this claim, vinyl or vinyl coated polyester covers only breathe if 'air vents' are built into these covers. These air vents allow dirt and dust in - just what you are trying to avoid. Vinyl (PVC) is also bad for our earth. KoverRoos are made of environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled after their useful life.