Bringing Green Living To Your Patio

30th Sep 2018


Austin, TX; March 9, 2009 - With most Americans experiencing the effects of an economy in recession, more and more people are choosing to stay closer to home for their leisure activities. And with temperatures rising, people are moving their fun to decks and patios. You certainly don't need a new patio set or grill to have a good time, but you are wise to protect your existing furniture with patio furniture covers. is the original online retailer of "green" patio furniture and grill covers that are as gentle on the environment as they are on your wallet. The covers are eco-friendly because they do not contain vinyl or PVC (Poly-Vinyl Chloride) components that are toxic to the environment, and extremely unsafe for the human respiratory system. With the elimination of PVC, has chosen alternative, recyclable materials like LDPE (Low Density Poly-Ethylene) and HDPE (High Density Poly-Ethylene) for their patio furniture covers. These are the same materials used for the manufacturing of plastic drinking bottles, making them 100% recyclable in curbside recycle bins.

With the ultra dense fabrics, Koverroos patio furniture covers do not sacrifice the durability of vinyl covers, but their unique layering does provide an added feature of breathe-ability. These patio furniture covers are uniquely designed to wick away precipitation while also allowing moisture trapped under the cover to escape and prevent furniture from molding. Product Manager Ryan Barlow claims, "Our furniture covers really set the bar for quality, green products. Protecting the environment starts at home, and our covers provide an affordable solution for protecting furniture and the environment simultaneously." With a wide selection of patterns, and five different fabrics to choose from, can accommodate virtually any shopper's style and budget.

If we plan on weathering the storm of hardened economic times, why not help our furniture do the same?

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