Chair covers

Chair covers

20th Sep 2018

Life is more attractive with happiness. Every person enjoys when he embraces lot of delighting and pleasure. Furniture is key part of every house and without this house cannot be presentable. After construction of home, main part to buy suitable furniture according to your need and fit for placing so you decided to go to market and choose your favorite design and color of your furniture. At the same you also look adjustable cover for your favorite furniture to avoid dust and rust due to presence of moisture. Ugly chairs have badly affected in your event. Beautiful chair covers can change your standard furniture look into something exquisite. When you are looking chair cover, you must understand what you need. You should have measurement of each chair for height, length and width. It will make sure that chair must be completely covered by chair cover. If you don’t have precise measurement your selection will be not same as you want. So, it’s very important task whenever you decide to go to market for fulfill your requirement.

Your first priority when you want to purchase chair covers should be flexible, durable, light weight, easy to store and beautiful chair covers color as per your home decoration. We are providing different kind of chair covers like Tie draping chair cover, scuba chair cover, Lycra chair cover, Banquet chair cover, Mechanical Stretch chair cover, Adirondack chair cover, simple stretch chair covers, and Plain pattern chair covers. The details of each type of cover are:

Tie Draping chair cover

These covers have special artistically look in the event or in home due to its fabric draping tied together at the back and create interesting effect. These are available in different attractive colors as per your home decoration. These chair covers are easily washable and flexible for every chair.

Scuba chair covers

When you think about what kind of chair cover should be purchased, you will definitely want flexible cover that can be easily adjusted of all types of chairs whether it is tall or short back. Scuba chair cover is flexible and easily stretchable horizontally and vertically. Due to its beauty and style these covers are famous in sophisticated wedding venues and people feel elegance and luxury when resting.

Lycra chair covers

Lycra chair cover is very unique. It can be easily fit over any type of chair and require minimum maintenance. It can be easily wipe away the dirt and absolutely wrinkle free and not need ironed.

Banquet chair covers

If you have banquet chairs which has no arms and with high backs, and want cover for that, you don’t need to worry. We have also range of that covers made from polyester or satin. It looks gorgeous with combination of satin sashes.

Mechanical Stretch chair covers

Mechanical stretch chair covers are something special cover which can be fit any kind of your car chair. These are highly stretchable and can be used smaller and folding chairs.

Adirondack chair cover

Adirondack chair is usually placed in outside of rooms on prominent fixture like garden, patio and front porch in any home. It needed proper maintenance and protection by using chair covers. Adirondack chair are chair covers exposed due to outdoor placement. It can be damaged by environmental factors like harsh sun light, heat, and heavy rain. For example, mostly Adirondack chair made of plastic which can be brittle and distorted due to constant exposure of direct sun light and wooden made chair become warping during rain and contraction in heat. So whether your Adirondack chair made of plastic, wooden or metal it needed proper covers are very necessary for protection of your valuable furniture from environmental factors. We have special quality in covers manufactured from heavy gauge vinyl and water proofed with UV resistant protective. These chair covers are of two types i.e. individual and combination. Individual covers are for single chair and combination for several chairs. It depends upon needs and budget.

Wedding chair cover

Whenever you have planned to organize memorable event like wedding ceremony in your home, you will definitely think about guest sitting, chairs placed on prominent places where guests can enjoy of seating. Your choice will select attractive chair cover which are good looking and charming effect in that atmosphere. We have complete range at our store according to your desire even you can demand on rental basis, you can avail our free home delivery service too.

Simple stretch chair covers

Whenever you have planned to bulk seating, these types of stretch chair covers are ideal and comfortable. These are in full covering of chair and prominent in venue.

Plain pattern chair covers

In specific bulk seating your choice may be plain pattern chair covers which are great alternative due to its elegant print design.

In spite of all above chair covers, you can choose matching hoods with combination of chair covers. It looks nicely and grabs intention of the guests.


We have complete range of all your cover needs chair covers with different design and shapes like Velcro, U shaped hook, bungee system. Our chair covers have patented design and easy to fold and store. These covers are one-way breathable and limited warranty. It can be easily fordable and store in separate storage pouch.


Why entrust KoverRoos® with the protection of your high-quality chair? In material, design, and construction, our chair covers are simply the best on the market. Outdoor furniture covers need to breathe so that moisture can escape, keeping mold and mildew from developing under the cover. Koverroos® use technologically advanced materials that are one-way breathable - moisture leaves, but dust and dirt can't get in. Koverroos® covers are stronger than most vinyl covers, yet light weight. This means our covers are easy to use - no struggling to get them on and off. Also, these patio furniture covers are able to handle temperatures from -100 degrees Fahrenheit up to +240 degrees.

For further information please visit our website or our showroom to see all ranges with elegant design and attractive colors for your home or office chairs.