30th Sep 2018


RENO - May 1, 2007 - Just as the weather turns nice and people begin spending time on their patios again, it’s also the time that people are buying patio furniture. Along with buying furniture, people are often looking to buy patio furniture covers to keep their furniture clean and dry while not in use. KoverRoos covers are the premium choice in patio furniture covers and they have just made it easier for customers to obtain custom covers from local KoverRoos dealers.

KoverRoos covers are offered on-line and at local retail shops across the country. Custom covers have always been offered on-line for those unique sizes and shapes of furniture that can not be covered by KoverRoos standard covers, which include over 120 styles and sizes. Or for people who do not want to compromise on fit - and don’t want even an extra inch. And because the company still manufactures in the U.S, custom covers can be made and delivered in less than 4 weeks.

Now KoverRoos retailers across the county have been outfitted with Custom Cover Calculators so that customers can work directly with their local shops to obtain these premium custom covers. The calculators have been well received by retailers, who are always looking to differentiate by offering superior levels of service and quality product. Now, instead of directing their customers to the KoverRoos website for custom covers, they can purchase them directly through the shop. KoverRoos custom covers continue to be offered on-line for areas that do not have a KoverRoos dealer near by.

KoverRoos covers have long been considered the premium cover in the marketplace due to the fact that they are made of innovative, breathable and lightweight materials. Original KoverRoos were made from DuPont Tyvek ®, and in the last few years, the company has added several more state-of-the-art fabrics - all breathable and even more durable. And KoverRoos come in a range of fashion colors. Most outdoor covers are made from vinyl, but the problems that can stem from vinyl covers are numerous. The biggest concern with vinyl is that it is not a breathable material. Covering outdoor furniture with a non-breathable fabric can cause moisture to build up on the furniture and cause mold and mildew, so it can damage the very furniture it is meant to protect.

For more information about KoverRoos covers or the Custom Cover Calculator-please call the customer service number at 800.525.7006 or send an e-mail to [email protected].