Table Covers

Table Covers

24th Sep 2018

As you know furniture is a very important part of any house. You have purchased your required items as per your needs and demands. Similarly, you need to do extra care for your furniture regarding proper cover to avoid atmospheric effects like dust, rust, moisture, and rain in case of outside furniture. The table has a major role to complete dining set or in a combination of chair set. Table performs center connecting point of round table sitting structure. You have used it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and some time for important discussion and solution of problematic matters. You would like to see your table should be clean, smooth having no stains. So, if proper cover placed on the table, it will show good looking and long lasting. This cover may be made of plastic or fabric. In both cases, you don’t want to compromise the best quality and attractive design. The table cover is a piece of cloth which used to table covers protect your table from scratch and stains and provide ornamental covering. Table covers can be made of embroidered silk, cotton or PVC coated material that can be easily wiped and washed. Some table covers are in combination with napkins and decorative mats for celebrating birthday, wedding or Christmas parties. It gives extra charm for your table cover.

We are providing a vast range of table cover to fulfill your needs. You can cover your table by using stylish table runners and table clothes. You can celebrate your birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, Christmas parties more colorful by using stylish table covers. The details of all types of table covers are:

Bar Set Cover: These types of covers are made of stretch fabric cloth pairing with stretchy polyester and spandex material creates an attractive combination of cocktail side tables. Table legs also covered with stretchy fabrics. These table covers usually used in trade show and easily transported in all kinds of events. For presentable setup these covers there is no need of any additional hardware tools.

Café Set Cover: These charming covers are the best choice for your café’s, parties and restaurants with a beautiful combination of stylish satin stripes and resists wrinkle and stains. It is very soft and looks sophisticated for any occasion.

Oval Table Top Cover: These table covers are machine –washable, stylish, durable, water and fade resistant. These covers are double stitched and do extend the life of your oval and rectangular shape furniture.

Oval /Rectangular Dining Set Cover W/Umbrella Hole: These are the very unique type of table covers with an umbrella hole for your outside furniture in which you can place your umbrella in the available hole and safe with direct sunlight and rain. It is the perfect solution for your outdoor sitting with luxuries style.

Rectangular/Round/Square Small Table Cover: These covers are usually placed on your dining table for extra designing an executive look for your rectangular, round and square shape table.

Slandered Table Cover: These table covers are basic, loose hanging covers. It has two kinds, Full size, and economy size cover. Full-size covers are complete roundabout covers and hanging down from all table covers sides of the table as well as economy size covers are open back. When you placed on the table it will cover only the front side and not hanging down at the back side of the table.

Fitted Counter Table Cover: These fitted counter table covers with pleated corners are usually used by hotels, convention Center, meetings, trade shows and different kinds of displays. It is available in all sizes and is also commercial grade, durable and fire-resistant. It gives more traditional and elegant look. There are four types of covers. Some are four-sided with the top cover. Someone is three-sided cover with top of the table. It is suitable for a reception booth; event shows where you will be seated at the table. Someone has fitted four sides with the top of the table to the floor. The back side has a hidden slot for partial success to store anything under the table. These covers are machine washable and easy dry on low heat. It can be washed in a non-commercial home machine or dry cleaned. It can be folded easily to avoid any wrinkles.

We are also providing best quality table runners to enhance your home decoration. This type of table covers are basically not table thrown but it can be excellent. It can be used on tables, dressers, sideboards etc. you can choose it from traditional lace table runners, water-repellent outdoor table runners and much more. Table runners can place directly on the surface of the table covers. Table runners create a focal point for your centerpiece and update your decor. It can be used as casual or formal setting and having executive touch to elevate any celebration. We have another unique thing for your table cover decor i.e. table skirts which are covered three sides of table hanging down with stretched fabrics and remaining one side can be used to hide some mechanical part or greasy items. It looks great and more attractive. As well as design is a concern we have a lot of options for you like square checks table cover, white lace table cover, crochet table cover, contrast table linen cover, polka dots cover, straw table cover and embroider fashion table cover. We are also providing Roster print graphic design table covers when need designed fabrics which shows your logos or corporate images. This type of graphic is called dye-sublimate process in which  multi color logos can be imprinted on your choice fabrics. It is very cost effective and nice looking.

To consider your best choice we are providing table covers UV protection in our product with five years no-fade warranty. Our product is one way breathable which prevents mold while keeping water out. Our table covers are lightweight and easily storage in separate available storage pouch which may safekeeping and extend the life of table cover. Please visit our website for detail information regarding size, design, specifications, and fabric types as per your home needs and requirements either indoor furniture table or outdoor garden table.