Teak Cleaner

Teak Cleaner

9th Oct 2018

Every person wants to see his furniture clean and neat, for this purpose he used a different type of cleaner. Especially when you have teak furniture you should take extra care. First of all, we should learn about what is teak furniture. Teak actually is a tropical hardwood tree placed in flowering plant occur in the wooded forest. These planets have leather like fragrant with white flowers and large leaves. This type of wood is durable and water resistance and mostly used in boat building, furniture, carving, exterior construction, and other projects. Teak furniture has different kinds like heartwood which is in yellowish color, sapwood which is in pale yellowish-brown color. Teak furniture is used for indoor flooring, cutting boards or indoor finishing. It is resistant to attack by insects. Teak furniture has a low shrinkage ratio. Teak also varnished for deep lustrous glow. Teak has a natural benefit like strength, durability, resistance to termite’s elements for indoor and outdoor furniture. When you purchase real teak wood furniture for your outdoor, you should not worry about damage by weather condition during spring and summer. For proper maintenance, your teak furniture has to be cleaned regularly. If you want the beauty and durability in your teak furniture it needed a proper teak cleaner.

As well as teak wood is used in shipbuilding or indoor flooring and finishing. Our teak cleaner prevents rust and corrosion on metal that is in contact with wood. The teak cleaner is used for your teak chair, teak benches, and Public Park too. Out teak cleaner for all teak wood furniture which can be used teak cleaner in construction projects requiring durability and elegance. Such teak cleaner is used for a teak wood element like yachts, cruise ships, flooring. Due to different atmospheric elements like rain, storm, sunlight and speedy wind can damage your valuable assets, its natural effect so perfect teak cleaner is very necessary for such type of teak furniture. Mostly teak furniture used in outdoor like pool chair or deck and its cleaning is a challenge. You need protection from dust, rust, bird dropping etc. so teak cleaner can be used to protect shinning and durability. If you want to preserve the beautiful gray shade of your teak furniture, it is suggested that you should wash your teak furniture once in a year with proper teak cleaner. As you know teak furniture has content of wood oil so it cannot be clean with every wood spray.

It needed a perfect teak cleaner to consist of teak wood oil for the pretty surface of teak furniture. Before teak cleaner use please ensures your teak furniture must be dry. For elegance, luxury and grace for your teak furniture as the beautiful piece you just need a proper teak cleaner. A top-quality teak cleaner protects your teak furniture from weathering and climate changes and with this very low maintenance required when needed. Mostly when you purchase teak furniture it is gorgeous and golden-brown appearance but after some time this appearance will slowly fade and look like silver grey. Maybe this color liked by some people but many people want to look teak furniture as same as purchased so at that time our perfect teak cleaner will bring back your teak furniture in amazing color. Our teak cleaner cleans the furniture surface without any scrubbing required and maintain its shining. The only one-liter special teak cleaner is enough for dining table along with four chairs. This teak cleaner can be used for removing silver grey color and will not maintain its natural color. As well as teak furniture is a symbol of comfort so it does not matter what its size and style, you want to look its lovely aged silver-grey color or its natural color.

It is possible if you use teak cleaner for better care does go long way. With the passage of time, dirt and debris can accumulate on your teak furniture especially when you live in a windy place. The perfect way to remove dirt and debris with cleaner which consists of good composition and you don’t need to clean your teak furniture with pressure water because pressure water can remove the teak cleaner natural wood oil so resulting surface damage and cracking. Our teak cleaner is very simple to use to clean your teak furniture. First of all, let this cleaner sit on teak furniture for few minutes then rising off with warm water. After this process, you will take scrubbing pad and gently scrub the surface of teak furniture. You can use bronze wool for clean but remember don’t use steel wool, it will forever be spotted. Our special teak cleaner contains oxalic acid for difficult stains. If you feel that your teak cleaner does not give result what you want for strong stains than you can do cleaning process with another teak cleaner which consists of hydrochloric acid and it performs two parts.

The first part of this cleaner on the surface with nylon paint brush and be careful it is acid and you must avoid contacting with your body so always use proper gloves than scrub the specific area with a hard brush. The second part of this teak cleaner will neutralize the first part, again put on top of first part of a cleaner, scrub it again and rinse with warm water, if still the problem is persisting and stain not remove then you need to use sand to remove the stain with very care. Certainly, you will not compromise the strength, quality, and durability of your expensive teak furniture. We have a complete range of teak cleaner for your teak furniture either placed indoor or outdoor. Your perfect teak cleaner must be available in your cupboard. Please visit our website for complete product information and contents detail for your precious teak furniture. Our teak cleaner available in different packing along with bronze wool scrub for your easy usage. Our perfect teak cleaner makes life easy for every person who is caring for his beloved assets and do not want to compromise the quality is a concern. For further information and complete product detail, please visit our website where a lot of variety is available for you.