Teak Oil

Teak Oil

12th Oct 2018

Teak wood is so hard and condensed. It is the great choice for the wet area, especially in luxury yachts or poolside patio furniture. Teak oil is natural oil found in trunks of teak trees. Teak wood is protected by moisture, direct sunlight and wood eating insects due to its natural teak oil. Teak furniture can be placed longer in outdoor, its strength and durability not suffer but some color can be fade and golden brown may change into silver grey. Teak oil has deep rich color and to help maintain the original color of your teak furniture. With the passage of time teak changes its color from golden brown to silver due to natural process. If you want to look at your furniture like it just made then you should apply teak oil after every few months to maintain the originality, it can use to waterproof and accentuate any piece of teak furniture. Teak oil is water repellent. Your teak furniture looks richer if you use teak oil longer.

Whenever you want to renew your deck or outdoor furniture, teak oil is your priority. Teak wood is compactly grained that’s why it is a great choice for the shower area. Teak wood is considered the most durable teak oil and high valued without any treatment required. We all know that outdoor furniture can be destroyed easily by another outdoor element. Out teak oil is the best alternative for your teak furniture. When you want to apply teak oil on the surface of teak furniture make sure that it will be done in outside or where continuous airflow and never apply it indoor. If you have no option to apply it outside, then you should use a respirator for your protection. Certainly, you would not put your life at risk. When you are ready for staining your furniture, first you will prepare the specific area of teak wood. Wash with best hard scrubbing for removal of mildew or mold.

Then after complete dry of wood, you will remove dust which appears due to the drying process, now you will use gloves for your hand protection and dip the brush in teak oil. You can put extra teak oil for a specific part that gets the most sunlight. Not to try coating on accents. After applying teak oil wait till fifteen minutes for proper penetration than wipe off excess oil after sufficient time. Your first coat of teak oil is complete now. Let it be completely dry for twenty-four hours. You think that how much coated required for getting the desired result. Simply if you want to look luxurious touch with deeper grain look you will apply more coats. If you have teak boat or yacht which has usually a lot of oil so make sure that excess amount of oil let it penetrate for a great look. Teak oil color develops over time so for become it richer teak furniture should be placed in outside. If you want to look your teak furniture to last for decades and its best look then you should reapply new teak oil every year.

When you apply teak oil first time on your teak furniture it will take extra time but don’t worry because next time it will not get much time due to base coat already done. Although aged teak looks highly appealing, many people prefer to see its original color so natural teak oil is very necessary. If you don’t use teak oil for treating your outdoor furniture, your furniture will begin to dry and crack so it loses durability. There is a number of oil available in the market which is specially designed for teak furniture or wood but you should select very carefully to choose perfect teak oil because others can damage your furniture or wood. Our perfect teak oil does not affect the durability and strength. Due to its usage, there is no need for periodic treatment. If you would want to enjoy highly pleasing original color for a long time you should use our teak oil which offers extra shelter against mold and stain. Most people think that their teak furniture color will turn an attractive silver-grey color if their furniture placed outside a long time actually these types of people live in the polluted area and this effect due to UV rays or direct exposure sunlight. Such type of teak furniture can be easily cleaned with our teak oil that is a mixture of water and TSP. Apply this teak oil with scotch bright pad, not with steel will rust in the grain of the wood. If the previous varnish, oil or paint is discolored, it must be removed before new applying of teak cleaner. Our teak oil is excellent for indoor wood. there are two types of teak oil, linseed oil and Tong oil commonly used for teak furniture. linseed oil is cheaper than that of others and it will become darken teak furniture after application but Tong oil does not become the furniture darken immediately but it may be hard to differentiate, so both oils oxidize in the sun and turn dark after some time.

Linseed oil comes from the flax plant seed and Tung oil comes from Tung tree nuts. Both teak oils are protective oil finish for wood but it is sure to apply with extra care. We must remember that 100% pure teak oil has greater water repellent quality. The teak furniture becomes more attractive finishes after teak oil application. Actual teak oil composition is varying from brand to brand but usually, teak oil is the combination of varnish, spirits, linseed oil and a small amount of Tung oil which is also natural oil. We need to be clear that teak oil does not contain any by product of teak tree. It's simply named teak oil and can be used only for teak wood as just motor oil can be used only for motors and baby oil can be used only for baby’s butt. Teak oil is not gathered by pressing teak wood. For further information and product detail please visit our website.