Teak Protector

Teak Protector

11th Oct 2018

We know teak wood is expensive and unique and teak furniture require very low maintenance and required only occasional cleaning. Teak furniture is easy to clean by perfect teak protector. Our teak protector is specially designed to maintain the natural quality of teak and its honey color. Our teak protector is more natural and provides long-lasting finish as compare to other product for cleaning black spots. It’s easy to apply due to its water-based combination and solvent free but others contain hazardous solvents. Clothes stay clean because it is not greasy. Moreover, if you want your teak furniture maintain golden color around even after cleaning, you must need our teak protector. If you have applied any other oil to clean your teak furniture, you don’t worry, just remove the oil or you can use lightly sand on surface, it will expose new layer of wood and then apply teak protector. Our teak protector maintains the natural color four times than other oil product. Teak protector protects teak furniture from black spots.

You should avoid using pressure water teak protector for your teak furniture just clean with teak protector. Our teak protector is environmentally friendly and 100% water-based formula. It resists mildew and black sports and can be dry in less than one hour. Teak protector lasts four times longer than other teak oil. It is non-greasy, non- toxic, solvent-free, non - flammable and easy to apply without toxic fumes for all your indoor and outdoor usage. Our teak protector can be used to protect for all darker, red-brown color woods. Remember that you should not try to clean your teak furniture with any oil because oil can lead to mold and mildew. Most people use varnish to clean the wood furniture, it can chip the wood and cause flake. Teak furniture cannot be clean with all cleaner. Teak is special wood and requires teak cleaner. Teak furniture is naturally water resistant. Pressure water is good for other furniture but not for teak furniture because pressure water can cause discoloration and can damage the surface which will become splintered. Another very important thing should be done by every person who has teak furniture that not cleans with steel or brass wool.

These brushes are very abrasive. You can use simple scotch bright cleaning pad which is mostly used in the kitchen for this purpose. In winter season to avoid moisture, you should bring your teak furniture into indoor place. If you cannot do this simply care that water is not standing on your teak furniture. Water can cause to deteriorate rapidly. In the presence of mildew, wood will begin to turn black. In this season you can use breathable furniture cover for protection. You may be worried about birds dropping which can do bad stain effect on your teak furniture. Teak protector protects UV rays and extends the outdoor teak furniture. Our teak protector is actually natural defense in harsh weather. Teak protector has not affected wood’s structural integrity due to its cosmetic touch and removes food, stains, and varnish residue. If you want to maintain natural golden color back, apply our teak protector before the teak becomes gray. As per instruction on the label you make sure that area is completely dry before applying the teak protector. It’s very simple to clean, first of all, you will apply the first layer after dry surface area with a dust-free cloth. Then after 30 minutes, you will apply the second layer of teak protector.

You may find a slight color variation if you apply more time to the first application. Clothes and cushion of teak furniture will stay clean. Our teak protector contains UV inhibitors which can penetrate in the pores of teak and becomes invisible just after 45 minutes. You should never use teak protector by an unprofessional person, he can ruin your teak furniture, always hire a professional and experienced teak protector person for cleaning teak furniture by the teak protector. Never clean with a brush which is too hard, it will make teak rough after it dries and you will need sand for removing the stains as per your desire. Our teak protector performs three types, first when your teak does not get cleaned from dirt, grime and pollutants their teak protector provides the results. Secondly when teak is sanded and its surface is rough than teak protector can be used and finally when sealing or oiling the teak to nourish the wood and you want to protect from turning grey.

The choice is yours. In the market there are two types of teak cleaner, one is water based and other is oil based. The oil-based cleaner is popular but it lasts just a few months and needs to be reapplied. However, the second type that is water-based protector which seal the teak and maintain its natural color tone. It is long lasting. This is the major difference between oil-based and water-based teak protector. If you want natural look than your choice always the water base teak protector. Usually, teak protector used on ocean-going ships for its beauty and commonly used in homes and offices due to its weather-resistant characteristics. The teak protector does not provide glassy surface coating like varnish but it provides better protection in sunlight and bad weather condition. Teak Protector is sometimes used on exterior door, boats and on decks to provide shining and color maintenance. You may use very little quantity for clean the big surface area. Just you need a one-liter bottle of the teak protector will cover seven square meters.

Out teak protector is available with a soft cloth. Although the teak furniture is expansive due to its durability and unmatched quality with low maintenance required, every person wants to see teak furniture in his indoor and outdoor place. People also want to do extra care by covering proper teak cover and teak protector for cleaning the dust, bird dropping and maintain the genuine color. For further necessary information and product detail please visit our website or showroom.