22nd Nov 2017

It’s summer and that means long nights, sitting outdoors, and savoring the warm weather with friends and family. However, your patio furniture isn’t enjoying the weather as much as you are. There are many elements that wear out your furniture, but if you’re aware of them you can properly protect your furniture, so you can worry less and enjoy the outdoors longer. 

The sun is the greatest killer of all. I know the reason you’re outside is to enjoy the sun, but it breaks down the fibers of cloth furniture, weakens wicker, rusts metal and warps and discolors wood. UV rays continuously assault your furniture. By placing your furniture in the shade you can greatly reduce the damage from the sun.

Most people think that moisture is the greatest threat, but really it just exacerbates the damage already done by the sun. Moisture seeps into frayed cloth furniture, causes the already weakened wicker to mold and decay and rots wood. Moisture comes in many different forms, from snow and ice to rain and dew. The best protection from moisture is storage when not in use. If you store your furniture, make sure that it’s secure in a dry place with very little exposure to the outside elements, or the humidity in the air will make your furniture decay just as if it was outside. The next best thing is patio furniture covers. Patio furniture covers offer the convenience of protecting your furniture without having to move it back and forth after every use. However, you must also be aware of what kind of patio furniture cover you are buying. Beware any covers that are vinyl or PVC -even if just a coating. Vinyl traps moisture inside the cover and creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Always look for covers with one-way breathability. Breathability means that moisture can escape the cover but not infiltrate it, which will keep furniture looking new.

Mold and mildew are obvious signs of decay, but just having it on your furniture doesn’t mean that it’s ruined. Mold and mildew are created and thrive in a hot and humid atmosphere, which can be a factor of your environment or caused by a cheap, vinyl cover. Mold and mildew is decay incarnate. You should remove it as fast as possible. Wash your furniture with warm water and lye soap to remove the mold, and regular cleaning will keep your furniture in tip-top shape.

There is one more way to protect against these killers of patio furniture and that’s care products. Every type of patio furniture has specific care products that will keep furniture pristine. Even if your furniture is worn out, applying a care product can restore it to its original glory. Look for care products that protect against all damaging elements. Most products, once applied, should last a year. For wood furniture, always be aware of the type of sealer or oil that you are using. Some oils will cause discoloration unless applied regularly, and most oils can leave black spots. Sealers and oils will stain your hands and clothes, so wear some knock around clothes when applying. Look for water based products that are non-hazardous for the easiest application and most reliable results.

Patio furniture is meant to be enjoyed. However, the decay caused by the elements can make your investment in your outdoors frustrating. But if you are aware of where you place your furniture, how you store it, and how you care for it, then your worries can be set at ease. So, research what kind of care products are best for your furniture, which patio furniture covers have the greatest durability and keep an eye towards the weather. If you are aware then your furniture will be as perfect as the day you bought it.